Green Space

Stone floor polishing and maintenance service

This is a superior and specialized technical service of Green Space.
With full knowledge of natural and high quality artificial stone such as Marble, Granite, Limestone etc. Green Space is confident to deliver the most perfect stone floor polishing and restoring service to the customers.

Below is description of the nature and method of stone floor restoring of Green Space:

Present condition

  • Visually, floors look degraded and appear to have stains, pores and scratches, etc.
  • Stone surface has become dull, spills and oily soils have deeply penetrated the surface of stone creating stains that are hard to removed


  • Objective: The nature of Marble and Limestone is artificial soft limestone whose surface is very soft. Hence, dust, dirty liquid, high heels, etc. are not recommended to have direct contact with limestone
  • Subjective:
    • Daily cleaning activities using dirty water is a reason affecting the quality of Limestone.
    • Chemical liquid spill on the floor which are not cleaned immediately will deeply penetrate the surface of stone
    • Customers have not utilized correct methods to conserve Limestone

    Recommended steps to perform cleaning and polishing Limestone

    • Step 1: Remove dry soil and dirt on the surface and apply water based cleaning to make stone surface become white and shiny.
    • Step 2: Clean up entirely with machinery with specialized chemicals used for Limestone to help remove dirt, stains and return bright color to the surface.
    • Step 3: Polishing floor using polishing machine with specialized chemical substance for Limestone without sub-classing the surface.
    • Step 4: Using manual methods and specialized chemical substance to prevent water from penetrating, chemical substance will penetrate and fill masonry construction to create lotus leaf effect to prevent penetration of dirt, dirty water, oily soil into stone surface.

    Green Space is committed that after implementing 4 steps above, Marble or Limestone stone floor will become shiny and beautiful (except unrestored cracks)