It is natural for the facade of your building to lose some of its shine and become dull over time. This can happen either due to natural wear and tear or exposure to weather and external environment. Green Space use specialized chemicals that are capable of cleaning the glass and restore some of the natural shine, without changing the particular glass

Green Space currently owns a Spider–Man team consists of 18 Spider-Man achieving high professional standard. They are carefully selected according to health conditions and must go thorough professional training to learn to utilize safety rope, and are licensed under the safety regulations of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Spider – Man team will assist customers in providing required services at any altitude such as aluminum glass, or stone wall tile, water painting, solar window film installation on glass, decoration or removal etc.

Cleaning objects: Glass walls, glass doors, glass windows, glass facade, billboards, signboard decorated with glass, partition made of glass etc. Glass type will typically include common glass, tempered glass, safety glass etc.

Safety solutions for Spider – Man to deliver effective performance to the customers

  • Periodic health examination for Spider – Man
  • Provide accident insurance 24 for Spider – Man
  • Equipped safety work-uniform
  • Examine climbing rope and safety belt
  • Safety key chains
  • License of high-rise job
  • Purchase customer compensation insurance

Safety operating procedure

Steps Workflow process
Step 1 - Fully prepare access equipment such as scaffolding, spider-man technique (hanging rope), cradle, platforms etc.
- Setting up safety warning signs on high-rise working area
Step 2 - Construct general observation. If there is any unusual circumstance, report immediately for supervisor or person in charge to repair
Step 3 - Tighten hanging rope to pillars with the capacity of 500 kg or more
- The second hanging rope must also be tightened similar to the first hanging rope for safety purpose
- Tighten chair and seat on the first hanging rope
- Fasten seatbelt while seated
Step 4 - Final safety check before start releasing hanging rope
Step 5 - When stop construction, hanging rope must be fixed before leaving

Situations may arise
Scenario 1: Hanging rope is broken during construction

  • In this situation the second rope is
  • Stop construction
  • Use the second rope to land
  • Replace the broken rope and continue the construction

Scenario 2: While under construction, spider-man may encountered bad weather conditions such as heavy rain, strong winds etc.

  • Stop construction
  • Release hanging rope and climb down
  • Fix hanging rope
  • Continue construction in good weather

Scenario 3: Tools dropping while doing construction

  • All construction equipment must be attached on safety belts to make sure not to drop on the ground.
  • Provide warning sign under construction areas

Potential customers:
Projects that the Spider–Man Team of Green Space has been constructed are VNPT Binh Duong, high-class building Thao Dien Pearl, Imperia Tower, 5-star Pullman Hotel, Nam A Bank building, Sonadezi building etc.