Luxury, expensive sofas used over a long period of time will be infested by many types of bacteria, dust etc. Carpet cleaning or sofa washing with instant spraying, drying method without leaving any bacteria utilizing the most modern machines and chemical contains antimicrobial 99.9 % ingredients – are the special services that Green Space offers to customers.
With each type of carpet or sofa, Green Space has distinguished washing methods, which are appropriated with different materials and must strictly go through all steps in the process:

  • 1. Vacuum dust on the surface of carpet or sofa.
  • 2. Use specialized machinery to spray cleaning chemical containing antiseptic 99.9 % ingredient on surfaces and washed them using tools appropriate with materials.
  • 3. Carefully removing stains on sofa with specialized cleaning tools and washing liquid.
  • 4. Taking are fabric and cotton after washing.
  • 5. Drying sofa using large capacity dryer.
  • 6. Customers can use cleaning products immediately after the washing process is completed.


Cleaning objects:
Any type of sofa, cushion chairs, car seats etc. Carpets made of rattan, wool carpets, nylon carpets or Olefin carpet etc.

Potential customers:
High-class hotel, coffee shops, restaurants, karaoke stores, and even private houses are regular customers of Green Space service because we help them to save time, cost while enjoying always-new and clean carpets and sofas.