Green Space’s maid service helps customers to save money and solve cleaning problems perfectly.
We apply housekeeping hotel standards to this service in order to deliver the best quality to the customers. Maid employees are professionally trained about housekeeping job and are fully equipped with machineries and tools

  • For office lease company at high rise building

    Office areas are guaranteed to be clean prior employees start working. Depending on their budget and requirement, customers can order our maid service according to their preferred time and number of maid.
    Maid office service usually has cleaning categories required such as sweep floor, vacuum carpet, collect garbage, mop all tables’ surface, wash cups, prepare tea for Director’s room, mop glass door and window, wash garbage bins, clean toilet etc. Customers also can ask our maid to use machinery to mop floor, wash carpet, or chair cover periodically.
    Green Space also has maid service package for all size of office room in the building. Each office room is cleaned 6 times of 2 hours per week. All rooms will be cleaned alternatively.

    Green Space has discount policy from 20 to 30% for cleaning daily service when customers ordering maid office service package for a whole building.

  • Maid service for apartments:

    Green Space is committed to ensure that your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet or reading room etc. will be clean and shiny from every angle.
    Our maid employees will mop and vacuum your household furniture, devices, glass doors, and windows, collect garbage, vacuum floor, carpet, sofas, wipe floor and clean toilet. Customers can require our maid employees to wash carpet, mattress, polish floor and handrail etc. periodically.
    Green Space will consult customer about time and number of cleaning employees required based on the area of the apartment.
    To save customer budget, Green Space offer a whole maid service package per month for high class apartment, each apartment will be cleaned 3 times of 3 hours per week. All apartments will be cleaned alternatively. This service package will allow residents to save their money while their assets will be looked after carefully.

    Green Space has discount policy from 20 to 30% for cleaning daily service for a whole building when customers ordering whole maid service package for apartment.