House or post construction cleaning is a special job requiring a lot of effort and manpower. Any project after construction and before being put into operation need to be cleaned entirely to remove all residual cement, plaster and dust on the surface to create a clean and shiny area for a fresh start.

As a post construction cleaning service provider, we fully understand the requirements of customers about completing our services and handing cleaning objectives over the customer on time. With our almost 100 professional and experienced cleaners and supervisors responsible for post construction cleaning, we ensure to provide a top-notch cleaning service that strives to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Cleaning objects: floor, outdoor and indoor glass, wall, ceiling, lift, stairs, toilets etc. which are dirty after construction need to be cleaned before being used

Potential customers
Green Space is proud to provide the following cleaning services for the most beautiful and modern project:
- Times Square Building Project – Kumho Industrial is the major contractor: 49 floors, 4 basements, floor area of 4000m2 / floor, total area of glass surface over 37,000 square meters. Total construction time before handing over is 6 months corresponding to nearly 80 cleaning staffs per day.
- Project 5 star Pullman hotel – owned by Turner – project management and operations management Liberty: 28 floors, 2 tunnels, and the total volume of glass surface more than 21,000 square meters, a total of 120 standard rooms 5 stars, Bar, Café, Pool, Spa, and restaurants with a capacity of more than 500 guests. Total construction time is 2 months corresponding to 60 construction workers per day.
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